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Garner is a regional and medium haul carrier.  Our lanes of traffic include Ohio and surrounding states – Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky – and extends through Illinois, Maryland, Iowa, Missouri Wisconsin, Minnesota, as well as western and central New York and New Jersey.



Since 1960 Garner Trucking has been committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations from the first contact.  We understand that your experience with Garner will make a difference in your future decision making, and want to be sure to provide you with the service that you AND your customers deserve, and be a true partner.  Our commitment includes:

  • FUEL EFFICIENCY DELIVERY TECHNOLOGY: Fuel Solutions™ program assists operations with determining the most fuel efficient routes / fuel stops.
  • BELOW AVERAGE DRIVER TURN-OVER:  Garner continues to maintain a lower than average turnover rate.
  • TOP NOTCH DRIVER TECHNOLOGY:  Since 2010 Garner has been ELD compliant in all trucks – helping to ensure safe and efficient product deliveries for you and YOUR customers.
  • PROVEN ON-TIME DELIVERIES:  Garner consistently rates at nearly 100% on-time deliveries.
  • DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM:  Garner’s experienced customer service team is available for customer 24/7 to assist with ensuring efficient transportation of your product.
  • LATE MODEL EQUIPMENT:  Garner is committed to investing in and maintaining up to date and new model equipment.





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