Going the Extra Mile


Each month, anyone recognized with an Atta Boy or Atta Girl for going above and beyond will earn The Extra Mile Award recognition and lunch on Garner!   Make sure to let the front office know when you see someone going that extra mile!


Recently Garner’s Customer Service Manager, Kim Fredritz shared a nice note from a customer.  “Both drivers have checked in, they have been very pleasant and nice clean trailers.” 

A simple note like this shares a lot about our drivers –they care about the customer and they care about how they represent Garner.  Kudos to Garner drivers Don Hoop (2772) and Scott Brown (2723)  for making such a nice impression.


Driver Manager Matt Ritchie wanted to  give a shout out to Rex Fletcher, Garner’s newest Operations Director.

“Since the transition of office personnel there has been no hiccups whatsoever. Rex has picked up where Tim left off and continues to push the envelope and create more opportunities for growth. He trusts his employees to handle their jobs without micro managing but will be the 1st to jump in where help is needed.”

Moving into a new role can sometimes be a challenge.  Sounds like Rex is doing a great job meeting this one!   Good job, Rex.

Garner driver Andy Narine (2752) wanted to give a big Kudo to fellow driver Russell Hohnroth (2727).

Andy says “I don’t usually call in whenever someone is nice, but Russell has helped me several times and I wanted to just let him know that I appreciate his help.  Recently it was bad weather up in New York and my truck got stuck in the snow.  Russell stopped what he was doing, got his shovel and came right over and helped me dig out the snow.   I appreciated that!”  

Thanks, Russell for taking the time to help.  It’s drivers like you that continue to make Garner one of the best fleets to drive for!

Garner driver Amy Oeseburg wanted to give a big Atta Boy to Driver Manager Matt Ritchie.

“After a day full of delays, I was on my last day out and was stuck on my SECOND major road closing.   On the spot Matt was able to find me an alternate route around without having to go much out of my route and avoiding any of the big city traffic.  I appreciated that he did what he could to get me around those issues and back home!”  

Thanks Matt for taking that extra time to help the drivers on the road!