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Being an over the road driver requires a solid home support system.  Garner wants to recognize those folks holding things down at home.   The Garner Family Network is a way to connect families, share advice and stay informed.    If you just can’t wait for information please contact the front office at 419-422-5742 or email Jenny at jfall@garnertrucking.com.


  • A private Facebook group
  • Get advice
  • Ask for information on things like who to contact with questions about benefits or payroll
  • Share tips and tricks on what kinds of things are helpful for your driver to get ready for the week.
  • Contests and prizes for the whole family.
  • Garner sponsored meet ups where families in the same areas can get together.

Meet the members of the  2021

Driver Advisory Board


Garner is looking for another member of the Driver Advisory Board for this year.  Commitment includes one meeting per quarter, typically by phone or web meeting.  If you are interested please contact Mackenzie at 419-427-3939.




At Garner recognizing those who sacrificed all is very important.  Recently we had a nice note sharing their gratitude.

“I ran across one of your tractors today at our local Home Depot in Rochester, NY. I was so flabbergasted at the paint job that was done to tractor 2713, I had to take pictures of it and post to some of our veterans web sites.. Thank you for honoring our military. We owe you a debt of gratitude to have your company honor us in this way. Thank you.”

 We can not thank our veterans enough for their sacrifice and hope that our freedom trucks provide just a small sign of our thankfulness.