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International Roadcheck

This year’s annual International Roadcheck is set for May 4-6.  This year the emphasis will be on lighting and Hours of Service.

As a driver, are you ready?

  • Is that license plate light working?
  • Should that ABS light be On or Off?

Since we know the focus on this year’s inspections, let’s take the extra time now to avoid issues down the road.  Let’s get those lights fixed now. If one of the LED’s is out, go ahead and get it changed because the others will go out soon.

How about your Hours of Service (HOS)?

  • Do you know if your Header is correct and how to find it?
  • What 4 documents related to HOS will the officer ask for and where do you find them?
  • Are you certifying daily?

Staying legal on your HOS can give you more hours to drive and that could mean more money in your pocket. You don’t want to be handing your money over because of a ticket or citation!

Watch for more information coming each week in April to help you learn and be prepared for the CVSA International Roadcheck from May 4th to the 6th.



In September of last year, the DOT changed a few of the Hours of Service rules.  One of the main changes was the flexibility of using the split sleeper berth.  This allows drivers to pause their 14 hour clock for 2-3 hours, essentially extending that day.

While this may help in certain situations, drivers need to be aware of one caveat to the updated rule.  In order to qualify, you must take the long break in the Sleeper Berth, NOT Off Duty.

A driver can not use the split berth if they are coming out of an Off Duty status or going in to an Off Duty status.  What that means is that if a driver uses the split on the last day and then takes the long break as Off Duty for the reset, the split does not work.  You must take the long break in the Sleeper Berth.

A driver can also not use the split berth if they are beginning that day coming from an Off Duty status.   The best way to determine if you are eligible is to ask yourself “Did I have sleeper berth last night?” and “Will I be going in to sleeper berth tonight?”.   If either answer is ‘no’, you are not eligible to use this provision.

If you have any questions or need guidance on how to use the split berth please contact Safety.

Emma Gelacek, Safety Manager


Through the end of the month, One on One reviews are being scheduled with Emma!  Drivers can call and check availability for when you know you will be in the Yard.

Once we have time to discuss any questions and review the driver scorecard, drivers will get the Annual One on One Bonus of $50!  Meetings should take around 30 minutes